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I am a private investor, not a realtor.  I can buy or lease your house,  apartment complex,  commercial properties or sell you one of ours quickly and securely.

Do You Want Or Need To Sell Fast Without Any Hassles?
Do You Want To Buy Fast Without Any Hassles?


You May Need To Sell For Many Different Reasons:



  • Buying Another Property
  • Behind On Payments
  • Tired Of Being A Landlord
  • Vacant Property
  • Estate Sale
  • Divorce 
  • Making Payments
  • Health Problems
  • Job Transfer
  • Bad Tenants
  • Loss Of Job
  • Need Repairs
  • In Foreclosure
  • Inheritance

Stop worrying!

We are here to help you!  We have incredibly creative ways to buy and lease your property, as well as a list of buyers ready to jump on it.  We CAN buy or lease your property in any condition, any location, any size, any price range—usually in 5 days or less.  It's all right with us if you don't have any of that precious equity real estate agents (looking for their commission) insist on or if you're behind on payments! Act Today!
We also can lease your entire income propreties on one master lease, typically providing the same income you are currently receiving now. For a free consultation to determine if your property quiailfies call now.   

Call (678)817-4841 or email info@cpbuy.com to discuss the possible solutions Today!
I have purchased many in just a few hours. If you are looking for relief call me now, don't wait.

You may also complete one of our forms by just clicking 'forms' on the lefthand side of the screen.  You will be contacted in timely fashion.

You may also complete our Owner Occupant form, just by clickng 'forms' on the lefthand side of the screen.  You will be contacted in a timely fashion. 

It's all right with us if your credit has a few dings just click on Bad Credit!

It's all right with us if you're a first-time buyer!

We specialize in situations in which banks, real estate agents, and other conventional sources fail almost 100% of the time.  We sell many with no bank qualifying financing or by lease/option, which means you can get in quickly, easily, and with no hassles!


Concept Properties LLC.

Concept Properties LLC. is a real estate investment company located in Brunswick, Georgia.  We buy from people in situations just like these and give them peace of mind .   Contact us immediately for Cash, FAST!   We are a full time real estate investment company who buys property in any condition, situation, or price range, throughout the the United States. We can handle all the paperwork for you, which enables us to buy quickly with no hassles, often in a matter of days.

I Buy More Because I Care.


Concept Properties LLC.